Offkey Artist Dates

Some of the older dates (early 2005 onwards) are aproximate, to the month, as our memory isn't that great.

Past Dates

Temper D, Budapest, Hungary31st Dec 2006 
THE PANACEA - Bremen (Germany)22nd Dec 2006 
Temper D, Kiev, Ukraine15th Dec 2006 
PROKET @ Biel, Switzerland15th Dec 2006Details
Temper D - Brixton, London9th Dec 2006 
THE PANACEA - Berlin (Germany)9th Dec 2006 
Raiden Austria 8th Dec8th Dec 2006Details
THE PANACEA - Vienna (Austria)8th Dec 2006 
THE PANACEA - Kiev (UA)1st Dec 2006 
Khanage @ System Abuse 01/12/21st Dec 2006Details
01.12.06 PROKET @ DSCI4 party1st Dec 2006Details
PROKET @ Kripton, Spain25th Nov 2006Details
Raiden Therapy Manchester25th Nov 2006Details
Raiden Brighton 24th Nov24th Nov 2006Details
Temper D, Czech Republic24th Nov 2006 
Raiden - St Petersburg Russia18th Nov 2006Details
THE PANACEA - Utrecht (Netherl17th Nov 2006 
Temper D, Newcastle, UK17th Nov 2006 
PROKET, KALASHNIKOV @ Granada17th Nov 2006Details
Raiden - Novogorod - Russia17th Nov 2006Details
PROKET, KALASHNIKOV @ Madrid16th Nov 2006Details
Temper D, Therapy, London15th Nov 2006 
Temper D - leeds, UK11th Nov 2006 
THE PANACEA - Lodz (Poland)10th Nov 2006 
PROKET @ Cherepovec, Russia10th Nov 2006Details
THE PANACEA - Brighton (UK)4th Nov 2006 
Temper D - Manchester, UK3rd Nov 2006 
Raiden 3rd Sofia Bulgaria3rd Nov 2006Details
THE PANACEA - Brussels (Belgiu3rd Nov 2006 
Raiden Holland Groningen28th Oct 2006Details
THE PANACEA - New York (USA)28th Oct 2006 
PROKET @ Dimitrovgrad, Russia28th Oct 2006Details
21.10.06 PRODE @ Novosibirsk21st Oct 2006Details
20.11.06 PRODE @ Tomsk, Russia20th Oct 2006Details
Temper D,Raiden,Panacea in Ulm14th Oct 2006Details
Raiden Seville Spain6th Oct 2006Details
6.10.06 Proket @ Omsk, Russia6th Oct 2006Details
30sept Prode @ St. Petersburg30th Sep 2006Details
The Panacea Arnheim (NED)30th Sep 2006Details
30sept Raiden, Prode @ Voronej30th Sep 2006Details
Raiden Belogorod Russia28th Sep 2006Details
Raiden & The Panacea Moscow24th Sep 2006Details
Raiden Chelyabinsk Russia23rd Sep 2006Details
Temper D - Munich GER23rd Sep 2006Details
Raiden Ramenskoe Russia22nd Sep 2006Details
The Panacea London8th Sep 2006Details
bANGfACE8th Sep 2006Details
Temper D Blackpool 8.9.068th Sep 2006Details
Raiden & The Panacea Vienna8th Sep 2006Details
30sept Prode @ St. Petersburg22nd Aug 2006Details
The Sect - Therapy, London16th Aug 2006Details
Temper D - London, UK12th Aug 2006 
The Panacea - Malderen Belgium12th Aug 2006Details
The Panacea Birmensdorf (CH)30th Jul 2006Details
Therapy Sessions28th Jul 2006Details
Temper D - Budapest, Hungary22nd Jul 2006Details
The Panacea Dourfest Belgium15th Jul 2006Details
RAIDEN ON EXIT FESTIVAL 8th JU8th Jul 2006Details
Raiden - RH - ministry london7th Jul 2006Details
Temper D - Wroclaw, Pol1st Jul 2006Details
Raiden - Warsaw23rd Jun 2006Details
Panacea,Therapy London21st Jun 2006Details
Raiden June 17th - Bratislava17th Jun 2006Details
The Panacea Newcastle17th Jun 2006Details
The Panacea - Jun16th - Notts16th Jun 2006Details
Raiden June 16th – Slovakia16th Jun 2006Details
The Panacea -Darkeast-Romania15th Jun 2006Details
Panacea,Therapy Bristol14th Jun 2006Details
09.06.06 Prode @ Tunnel Club9th Jun 2006Details
3.06.06 Proket @ Estonia3rd Jun 2006Details
Raiden & Matt Tako - Munich3rd Jun 2006Details
Raiden & The Sect - Bristol2nd Jun 2006Details
Raiden June 2nd – Brighton / B2nd Jun 2006Details
The Panacea - Mannheim, GER2nd Jun 2006Details
21.05.06 Proket @ Obninsk21st May 2006Details
Raiden - Berne, Switzerland20th May 2006Details
Raiden - May 20th –Berne Switz20th May 2006Details
Lethal & Khanage - Poland19th May 2006Details
Propaganda -May19, Nottingham19th May 2006Details
Khanage-Peterborough13th May 2006Details
Temper D, Bucharest, Romania13th May 2006Details
The Sect - Therapy Bristol May10th May 2006Details
Raiden & The Panacea Dresden6th May 2006Details
The Sect - Bristol, UK6th May 2006Details
Temper D, Granada Spain5th May 2006Details
The Panacea - Utrecht, NL5th May 2006Details
The Panacea - Berlin, GER30th Apr 2006Details
Bulldozer29th Apr 2006Details
Fat noise29th Apr 2006Details
Prode @ Voronej, Russia29th Apr 2006Details
Raiden Moscow Russia28th Apr 2006Details
Temper D, Valencia, Spain28th Apr 2006Details
Temper D - Audio, Brighton UK24th Apr 2006Details
The Panacea - Katowice, POL22nd Apr 2006Details
The Panacea - Karlsruhe, GER21st Apr 2006Details
Temper D - Valencia, ESP21st Apr 2006Details
Raiden - Taillinn, Estonia20th Apr 2006Details
Raiden - Czech Republic16th Apr 2006Details
Temper D, Czech Republic15th Apr 2006Details
The Panacea - Thessaloniki, GR14th Apr 2006Details
Temper D, Plzen, Czech Republi14th Apr 2006Details
LETHAL + TEMPER D Peterborough8th Apr 2006 
Matt Tako - Portsmouth, UK6th Apr 2006Details
The Panacea - Budapest Hungary31st Mar 2006Details
Raiden, Hamburg, Germany25th Mar 2006Details
The Panacea - Salzburg, At25th Mar 2006Details
Raiden, Belgium 24.03.0624th Mar 2006Details
Raiden - Leeds, UK21st Mar 2006Details
The Panacea - Vienna, At18th Mar 2006Details
Raiden, Wolverhampton, uk18th Mar 2006Details
Raiden - Sheffield, UK17th Mar 2006Details
Temper D, Paris, France17th Mar 2006Details
The Panacea - Graz, At17th Mar 2006Details
Temper D - London, UK15th Mar 2006Details
Propaganda - Bayeux, France11th Mar 2006Details
Lethal + Khanage, Peterborough11th Mar 2006 
10th of march, Proket @ Kiev10th Mar 2006Details
Propaganda - Merville, France10th Mar 2006Details
Raiden - Liverpool, UK9th Mar 2006Details
The Panacea - Bornem, Belgium8th Mar 2006Details
Raiden, Resonant Evil @ Moscow4th Mar 2006Details
Raiden - Bulgaria 25.02.0625th Feb 2006Details
Temper D, Oporto, Portugal18th Feb 2006Details
Temper D, Nottingham, England17th Feb 2006Details
Lethal & Khanage, London, UK17th Feb 2006Details
Raiden, Vienna, Austria11th Feb 2006Details
The Panacea - Breda, NL11th Feb 2006Details
Raiden, Bournemouth, England10th Feb 2006Details
Raiden, Bristol, England8th Feb 2006Details
The Sect, Bristol, England4th Feb 2006Details
Raiden, Lethal & Khanage, UK4th Feb 2006Details
Raiden - Edinburgh, Scotland27th Jan 2006Details
Raiden & Matt Tako - 14.01.0514th Jan 2006Details
The Sect - Bristol, 17.12.0517th Dec 2005Details
Raiden & Temper D !!!- Tallinn17th Dec 2005Details
Propaganda - Vienna 16.12.0516th Dec 2005Details
Raiden - Helsinki, Finland4th Dec 2005Details
Temper D - Lodz, Poland3rd Dec 2005Details
Propaganda - Seville, Spain26th Nov 2005Details
Raiden & Robyn Chaos-Melbourne26th Nov 2005Details
Raiden & Robyn Chaos - Sydney25th Nov 2005Details
Raiden & Robyn Chaos - Perth19th Nov 2005Details
Raiden & Robyn Chaos-Adelaide18th Nov 2005Details
Khanage - London, UK 18.11.0518th Nov 2005Details
OK001 Full release out today.14th Nov 2005 
Temper D - Newcastle, UK12th Nov 2005Details
Raiden - 11.11.05 New Zealand11th Nov 2005Details
Raiden - 10.11.05 New Zealand10th Nov 2005Details
Khanage - Nottingham, UK4th Nov 2005Details
Raiden - Kiev,Ukraine 29.10.0529th Oct 2005Details
Temper D - Budapest, Hungary22nd Oct 2005Details
Phase 2/ UYN - Offkey Launch21st Oct 2005Details
Therapy Sessions - London19th Oct 2005Details
WWW.OFFKEYMP3.COM LAUNCH18th Oct 2005Details
Temper D - Copenhagen, Denmark14th Oct 2005Details
K-Fire - Glasgow UK 14.10.0514th Oct 2005Details
Ok001 Promos in stores today.3rd Oct 2005