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Temper D & K Fire - Offkey Press pic 1
Initially collaborating with university friend Exile on Renegade Hardware in 2002, Temper D's initial productions were already being played by the big dogs, the first release being supported by Nicky Blackmarket, Dom and Roland, and even the late John Peel on Radio 1. However, with Exile being a master of technical trickery and Temper D more concerned with the dance floor, the project was short lived, and a new partnership began with guitarist and producer Tim Robinson, aka K-Fire.

Eventually Temper's fascination with techno started to rub off on K-fire, and it was only a matter of time till Tim would not only listen to Dave's rants about the primal nature of techno, but could be heard boring the pants off punters in the pub trying to explain why Universal Project's vessel is the best tune ever made. It was a good day.

A string of releases on various labels followed, including Invader, Cell, and Concord Dawn's imprint Uprising. Between them, the tunes have been caned by the likes of Klute, Raiden, Adam F, Logistics and Nu:Tone, Concord Dawn, Nicky Blackmarket, and many more. Being taken on baord at Offkey is very exciting for the guys, and it the artistic step forward which follows years of concern that drum and bass could learn from the progression and minimalism of techno. Having written on the subject for Knowledge Magazine, and spoken at length with like-minded breakthrough artist Raiden, the music itself is now there to do the talking, and both Temper D and K-Fire intend to push the sound pioneered by Raiden, Prode and Propoganda as far as possible, both in the studio and on the turntables.

Since winning the massive Dogs On Acid DJ competition, Temper D has regularly DJíd all over Europe and the UK, and in the past few months alone has played in Ukraine, Hungary, Germany, France, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Austria and Macedonia, including some of the biggest raves around, such as Breakbeat Kaos at Fabric in London and Kings of the Jungle in Mannheim, Germany. His schedule for the next few months is equally as hectic, with dates lined up at raves and festivals in Croatia, Romania, Belgium, Hungary and Bulgaria as well as his monthly residency in Newcastle. He has played alongside Andy C, Mampi Swift, DJ Craze, Adam F, Nicky Blackmarket, Twisted Individual and many more. He has recently done guest DJ slots on the legendary Kiss 100FM with Adam F, and mixed the first in the Cell Recordings Mix CD series.

Now mixing on 3 turntables,his creative mixing and sheer quickness mark a style that is coming directly from the ravers point of view, and with K-Fire now getting behind the decks regularly, the partnership is dangerous.

Having a strong history in all forms of electronic dance music - they began producing a dnb-techno crossover which came to the attention of Offkey Recordings. They produce a classy, bouncy, fun vibe to the label bringing elements of Detroit techno / Chicago house, to an accessible drum and bass structure. These guys are true dnb soldiers bringing something refreshing to the label, proving it's not all doom and gloom, just dance-floor moods.