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Propaganda - Offkey Press pic 1

Following a number of signings to labels; DSCI4/ FREAK/ OBSCENE/ OFF KEY/ POSITION CHROME/ REVOLUTION/ ELP COLLECTIVE and SINUOUS, Nu skool duo Propaganda are set to unleash their innovative, shocking and hard-hitting take on drum ‘n’ bass.

Propaganda formed in 2001 by the merging of two Southampton based DJ/producers Andy Buckley and Matt React. Both had been DJ-ing for seven years and have since played throughout the UK as well as around Europe. Their sets have a definite progression: passionately organised and innovative. Profoundly influenced by the roots of Detroit Techno as much as Drum ‘n’ Bass they bring a unique and uncompromising sound, and with a residency at London's Therapy sessions they are sure to remain propulsive.

Since venturing into production the duo have built up an arsenal with which to assault the scene. Their musical eclecticism merges powerful bass lines with the distinct energy of techno. This niche sound has found a home with Raiden's Off Key record label - Raiden explains his link with Buckley and React: "Out of anyone in the scene, Propaganda are making the closest thing to what I want to hear." With a formidable hybridisation of techno and drum ‘n’ bass, the trio have formed an inspirational partnership. The result of the first collaboration 'Poltergeist' was quickly taken on by DJ Trace's DSCI4 label, and was soon followed by two of their own tracks 'Let It Go' and 'Breakdance'.

Propaganda are continually working with Raiden on future projects for his Off Key imprint, as well as bringing some of their own distinctive sounds to the label. Look out for future releases on DSCI4/ FREAK/ OBSCENE/ OFF KEY/ POSITION CHROME/ REVOLUTION/ ELP COLLECTIVE.