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Prode - Offkey Mafia
The KGB of drum and bass. Prode are the most hotly tipped, up and coming producers. Hailing from Moscow, Proket (Alexei), Denix (Denis), Roland (Igor), and Feom (Timur) are from a growing network, of a second generation of Russian producers.

Having first approached Raiden online about a booking, Raiden signed them to Offkey, after hearing just one track. Discovering they had one objective - to create sick technoid sounding music, made them perfect for the label.

They create menacing, industrial dnb that has echoes of Russian factories. These guys are completely insane, but certified geniuses at approximately 20 years old, which is even more amazing considering their staggering Vodka consumption. Prode are about to revolutionise the dnb scene as we know it, and Offkey is their natural home.

Their tunes are played by artists like Raiden, Optiv(Cause4Concern), Pendulum, Dylan, Pyro, Temper D & K-Fire, Sta & Paul B, Sunchase, Lethal & Khanage, Vicious Circle, Counter Strike, and Propaganda.